Pony Aluminium Wool Needles for Sewing up Knitting

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  • Perfect for sewing together pieces of fabric knitted with chunky weight wool
  • Large, flexible eye to thread your wool through
  • Smooth shaft makes slipping through your knitting easy
  • Use just as you would a regular darning needle
  • Comes with three different diameters

Love to knit with chunky wool and need just the right tool to join your pieces together? This set of three Pony Aluminium Wool Needles for Sewing up Knitting featured a large loop at the end to hold your wool as you stitch up your knitting. Now joining sleeves to jumpers is easier than ever before! The loop at the top acts as the "eye" of the needle. Once your wool is threaded through the flexible eye, the needle is ready to be used to sew a garment together just as you would with a regular darning needle- just much easier to thread! Your threading life just got a lot easier! Also, the metal needle shaft is so smooth and light, it slips easily through your knitting. The thick diameter closely matches your knitting needle size and can also be used to help weave in loose strands. They’re also great for embroidering patterns onto your fabric to make it extra special.

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