People celebrating football.

It hasn't been big news recently, but some people might have heard that England has got to the finals of the Euros. However, with the Euros coming to a close, and football on track to coming home, why not keep the spirit alive with these football crafts? They’re sure to be fun for all the family - and you might enjoy them, too!

Make Your Own Football Cards

A child drawing.

This craft is super easy and will help to keep your grandkids busy! Much like the football cards and stickers people collect throughout the year, why not try and make your own? All you need is some card and colouring pencils or felt tips. Let your imagination run wild and get creative when you’re drawing your favourite footballer!


Football Cupcakes

Some football cupcakes.

These are the perfect snack for the Euro Final! If you're stuck for something to do before the game starts, try whipping a batch of these up. They only take an hour to make and are sure to impress even the pickiest of fans. Anyways, what better way is there to celebrate football coming home than with cake?


Football Bunting

Some England flag bunting.

Bunting is always colourful, fun, and bright, so why not try making your own? It’s a great way to pass the time while you’re waiting for Sunday, and it will mean you have some beautiful new decorations for the final. Use this template and some colourful paints and get started!


Embroidered England Badge

An England football shirt.

This is one of the more difficult crafts but is also one of the coolest! If you’re a fan of embroidery or cross stitch, why not make your own England badge? It’s the perfect way to show your support and will also make a tasteful piece of memorabilia in the years to come!


Make Your Own Crochet Football

A person crocheting.

This craft is perfect for kids who won’t stop playing football in the house. This crochet football is soft and squishy, but not any less fun, so you can stop your favourite vase getting broken when your grandkids are having a kick about! It's a bit more complicated, but is completely worth it to see the smile on those children's faces. Check our website to make sure you have everything you need!