5 Crafts to Try in 2022

With a new year comes new opportunities to be creative, and 2022 has a wide range of ways to explore your ability to make things. Here at Craft & Hobby, we’ve narrowed down five of our favourite craft ideas to try this new year. Hopefully, you find them just as inspirational as we did!



Fresh flowers are so 2021! Embrace longer lasting paper blooms and adorn your home with vases and wreaths. Ranging from super simple to intricate crepe paper designs, these imitation blooms will be everywhere over the next year and rightly so!


Pom Poms


One of the easier and most effective crafts you can make pom poms are a brilliant way to add more colour to your home. From garlands, to toys, to earrings, pompoms are super versatile and barely take any time at all. They may be a staple of your crafts already but get ready for them to take centre stage!


Homemade Beauty


Self-care is very important to practice, and what better way to do that than by combining your hobbies with your hygiene? From soaps to body scrubs, to shampoos and face oils, you can make anything you want with the right ingredients. You can also use waste products, like coffee grounds, and stay sustainable.


Upcycling clothes


Sometimes charity shop finds can be a bit lacklustre, but with a needle and some thread, you can transform them into the perfect outfit! Take inspiration from your favourite outfits from films or photos you’ve seen and get crafting! What’s better for the new year than a new outfit?


Fidget toys


This is the perfect craft to do with kids of all ages! Making things like slime, putty or zip bracelets, you can have so much fun making interesting crafts that will keep them entertained for hours on end. Plus, they’ll have something they can keep for themselves, which is almost worth however long you’ll spend cleaning slime off your surfaces and utensils!