5 Paper Crafts to Try

Paper craft is a super fun, easy and eco-friendly way of making gorgeous crafts. Suitable for any ability, and also really cheap too, these paper crafts are sure to be your next craft obsession! Here are a few of our favourite paper crafts to have a go at in the new year – make sure you send us pictures of them on our social media when you’ve finished!

Paper Flowers


These can be made using fancy machines but can also be made by hand! They’re really simple and effective but can be made more complicated with the addition of further layers and decorations.  The best part is, when you’ve made them, you can use them for pretty much anything! Make your own paper bouquet, make a wreath use them on a gift tag or card – the possibilities are endless!


Paper Butterflies


Grab your favourite patterned scrapbook paper and make some gorgeous paper butterflies! Decorate them with whatever you’d like: sequins, beads, glitter – the world is your oyster! They’d look great on cards and gift tags, or even stuck on the walls of a bedroom! They’re the perfect way to add character to a space.


3D Paper Stars


Turn a room into a magical oasis with some 3D paper stars. They can be made from any colour paper, so why not invest in some gorgeous metallic or printed paper to really add that extra bit of wow factor? You can also cut little patterns into them (a Cricut machine will really help with this) – even add a little light behind them to make a luminary!


Paper beads


Why not have a go at jewellery making and make yourself some beads out of paper? They’re surprisingly easy to make and can even be made from things like old magazines, so they’re really good if you’re trying to be more sustainable this 2022!


Paper Baskets


These are ideal for holidays, especially with Easter coming soon! They can be made from multiple different colours of paper, and can even be made in completely different sizes! They’re super easy to customise and will be a fun activity to do with kids.