5 Pom Pom Crafts to Try

Pom poms are an easy way to cheer up the dullest of crafts. Taking only 10 minutes to make, and requiring very little effort, they’re a great craft to do on your own if you need to unwind, or with little ones as an entertaining activity. As featured on our 5 Crafts to Try in 2022 blog, pom poms are a brilliant way to start your crafting journey this year. Also, if you try any of these crafts, make sure to send us a picture on our social media channels:

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Pom pom Rug


Got a corner of your house that needs bringing to life? Why not add some colour and fun with a pom pom rug? It’s easier than it sounds to make and will be a talking point in any room you put it in! Plus, you can even use it as a cute floor cushion should you ever need to perch yourself on the ground for a while, such as when wrapping Christmas presents!


Pom pom earrings


Want a cute new accessory? Want to make your friend a birthday or Christmas present yourself rather than buying them one? Pom pom earrings are perfect! You can make them dangly or leave them as studs, and you can make them any colour you want! Have fun with it and combine colours, or even make a few pairs! The possibilities are endless.


Pom pom garland


The perfect eco-friendly alternative to a plastic birthday banner, these pom pom garlands can be used time and time again! They can also be used as a colourful and innovative alternative to tinsel at Christmas – cover your tree in gorgeous red, green and white pom pom garlands and it’ll never look more festive!


Pom pom lettering


Following on from eco-friendly decorations, why not make some pom pom letters to make fun slogans, names or even cute birthday wishes for the people you love? They’re perfect to be used time and time again and can even be left out all year round!


Pom pom Easter crafts


It’s almost time for chocolate eggs and lots of little chicks and bunnies! Why not join in the Easter craft fun and make some cute animals with your pom poms – they can even go as decorations on an Easter bonnet!