Five Elf on the Shelf Ideas

Ever since the concept was first invented in 2005, Elf on the Shelf has been a big hit with families all over the world. From the first of December every year, these little elves run amok round our homes, causing havoc, and having the time of their lives. However, it can sometimes be hard to think about ways for them to make mischief. Luckily for you, we’ve got a list of five ideas you can try at home!

Give Elf on the Shelf a bath


Even elves need a break, especially in their busiest time of year! Fill your sink with marshmallows or cotton wool and plop your elf in for a relaxing bubble bath.


Elf does a workout


Elves need to stay in top shape for all the running around they’ll be doing for Father Christmas! Make some little weights for your Christmas lodger from toothpicks and marshmallows. You can even make a skipping rope out of some strawberry laces!


Elf snowman


No snow? No problem! Make yourself a winter wonderland with some toilet roll. Simply pop your elf in the middle of two stacked on top of each other, draw a face on a third roll, and balance it on top! Easy peasy snowman, without any of the coldness or mess!


Elf on the Shelf making snow angels


Following the snow theme, why not have your Elf making snow angels? Spread out some mini marshmallows on a flat surface and make the usual snow angel shape, placing your elf with his legs and arms out in the middle. It’ll look like he’s having loads of fun while you’re all sleeping!


Elves making eggs


A yummy breakfast treat! Prop your elf up on your hob with a frying pan and a spatula and pop some gummy fried eggs in the pan. An easy and tasty idea that will take 2 minutes to set up!