How to Prepare for Christmas

It may seem too early to be thinking about the festive season, but with just a couple of months to go until the big day, it’s time to get organised and start planning what needs to be done. We’ve compiled a list of tips to help you make the most of the most wonderful time of the year, as well as reduce the inevitable stress that comes with it!

Christmas Cards

If you still send out paper Christmas cards, make sure you have these bought well in advance so that you can take your time writing them. Leaving them until last minute will just cause unnecessary stress and will probably mean that your cards take a lot longer to get where they need to be – don’t forget about how busy the post gets over the holidays! Make sure you buy more than you need too – they can be used next year, so that you don’t have to buy as many. Plus, it’s always better to have too many than not enough!

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Wrapping Paper and Bags

Much like Christmas cards, wrapping paper is something you can never have enough of. Make sure to stock up on wrapping paper and gift bags in the sales after Christmas – you can get some bargains and then you won’t have to buy any more for the next year! If you’re wanting to be more eco-friendly, many supermarkets now do recyclable wrapping paper. Make sure you buy recyclable tape too, as otherwise the paper can’t be reused.

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The Big Food Shop

Everyone knows that the most expensive food shop you’re going to do each year is the one you do at Christmas. With all the food for the dinner, the snacks, and the alcohol, to name a few, this can become a hefty bill. Instead of doing it all at once, why not start buying things now to put away – this way, you can spread out the cost of the Christmas shop and not have to pay a fortune in an already very expensive month.


A Christmas Clean

We all know how much grime the Christmas festivities can bring: all that cooking, all those people. Try and do a big clean before everyone turns up, so that when they leave, it’s not as much of a job as it could be! We have a wide range of cleaning products to help you complete the task and make it a lot easier in the long run.