Multicoloured jigsaw pieces on a white background.

As the weather gets colder and you want to spend less and less time outside, it makes sense to find yourself a new hobby. Nothing will keep you entertained on a cold, rainy, autumn day like a jigsaw puzzle! As fun as they are, they are also brilliant for your brain, improving your short term memory and your visual-spatial reasoning. This is a list of our top 5 jigsaw picks – there’s sure to be something everyone will enjoy!


Recreate one of Claude Monet’s most iconic paintings and transport yourself to his beautiful garden with this 1000 piece jigsaw. With vibrant colours and a gorgeous impressionist style, this is sure to be a firm favourite with all the family!


Little Mischief

If you’re a fan of furry felines, this is the jigsaw for you. With a mischievous mog trying to jump up on a table and wreak havoc, this jigsaw is the perfect activity to complete with friends, or on your own with your feline friend. The lovely watercolour style is sure to bring a smile to your face!


Village by the River/Cottage in the Woods

This set of two 500 piece jigsaws is full of rural charm. With a gorgeous depiction of two traditional villages in different settings, they evoke memories of a simpler, happier time. Take some time out for yourself to relax on rainy days and enjoy hours of entertainment with these beautiful scenes.



If quaint villages aren’t quite your style, enjoy recreating the iconic landmarks and sights of England’s capital city.  With 1000 pieces, this quirky London tribute will be hours of fun for all the family!


Dog Collective

If cats aren’t your bag, then why not try this gorgeous canine collective! Celebrate the unique character of over 50 dog breeds with this delightful 500 piece jigsaw. From the grandest Tibetan Mastiff to the smallest Chihuahua, every dog is brilliant!


If you’re struggling for space to house all of these gorgeous jigsaws, why not try our new Wooden Puzzle Table? With 4 pull-out drawers to help keep all of your jigsaw pieces organised, and a raised edge to stop anything from sliding about and falling off, it’s the perfect addition to the home of any puzzle enthusiast!