Flower Arranging Top Tips

Flowers are one of the best additions to any room in your home. If you want to add a pop of colour to your kitchen or add to an accent colour to your living room, a beautiful bouquet it just the ticket. Whether you’ve bought them as a treat for yourself or a special someone has given you flowers as a gift, make sure they stay looking their best with these flower arranging top tips!

Pick a Container

The foundation of your flowers is just as important as the flowers themselves. If you’re selecting a top-heavy bouquet with big blooms or tall branches, opt for a weighted vessel that will provide balance. For flowers like tulips, a straight sided vase is more suitable.

Find a Beautiful Bouquet

The best part of flower arranging is finding the perfect bouquet! If you’re buy the flowers yourself then have fun finding the right colours and varieties. Go bold and bright or simple and elegant, the choice is yours. Think about which room you’re putting them in and try to match the flowers with the colour scheme of your room. Try and find petals that match your chosen accent colour!

Prepare Your Flowers

Once you’ve found your new favourite floral arrangement, make sure you prepare them properly. Fill your vase with water and put some flower food in to keep your arrangement vibrant for as long as possible. Remove damaged petals and excess leaves from your stems. If you skip this step, your vase will become too bulky and you may not be able to fit all of your pretty flowers in.

Once you’ve prepared the stems, cut the bottom of them to length at a diagonal angle. The perfect floral arrangement should aim to be around one and a half times the height of your vase or container.

Arrange Your Flowers

When it comes to flower arranging, presentation is key! For help arranging your flowers, create a grid using floral tape (or simply chicken wire) at the top of the vase and stick the stems through the holes.

Green base

Create a base for your arrangement using greenery and foliage such as ivy or fern. Place them in a triangular shape to create balance at the base of your bouquet.

Focal flowers

Next, add your focal flowers to the container. These are the flowers which stand out in colour and texture. Stand these tall rather than off to the side as this may cause them to droop!

Filler Florals

For the spaces in between, add your filler florals. These are the smaller flowers and textural pieces that go between your focal flowers. Try to arrange them in a dome shape rather than straight up or too the sides. This helps to make your flower arrangement looks more full and complete.