How To Make Your Own Easter Bird Feeder!

Nothing says spring quite like the melody of bird song in the morning. Hearing them chirp and sing can bring so much joy to the people listening. Keep our feathered friends coming back with a homemade bird feeder.

Whether you love to try your hand at crafts or not, making this Easter bird feeder is a fun activity for all. It’s simple and cheap so you can make them as often as you like. There are only a handful of items you need so why not give it a go!

You will need:

  • An orange
  • 2 sticks (wooden skewers will be great for this)
  • String
  • Bird food or seed
  1. Cut the orange in half and scoop out the middle. You can snack of this while you’re making your bird feeder or maybe even make some fresh orange juice.
  2. Poke one of your sticks through the orange, from one side to the other.
  3. Poke the second stick through the other side. The two sticks should cross over in the middle of the orange. Bird can use the sections of stick that are poking out of each side as a perch so they can rest while they eat.
  4. Take your string and cut two equal lengths. This will be used to hang your feeder outside. Tie one length of string onto either side of a stick and repeat for the other stick.
  5. Fill the orange half with bird seed
  6. Hang your new bird feeder outside on a branch and wait for your feathered friends to find this new delicious meal.