Present Wrapping Ideas

Wrapping presents can be one of the most boring parts of Christmas, so making sure you jazz it up for, not only yourself, but those receiving the gifts, is important. Sometimes, the same supermarket wrapping paper gets boring, so stand out from the crowd with these innovative gift wrap ideas!

Natural Touches


Why not make decorations for your gifts out of things like pinecones, cinnamon sticks, and sprigs? Paired with brown craft paper, this will bring a rustic, homey feel to your wrapping – understated, yet chic!


Snowman Presents


Giving someone multiple gifts? Turn them into a snowman! Wrap them in white paper, and stack them on top of each other, biggest to smallest. Make accessories, like a hat and a carrot nose, out of coloured card, and add a gorgeous ribbon as a scarf. If you have any buttons lying around, these can be used for his eyes and buttons. He’ll be so cute, you won’t want to unwrap him!


Photo Gift Tags


Why not give someone the gift of a keepsake this Christmas? Instead of buying gift tags from the supermarket, why not print off photos of you and your friends and use those instead. Not only is this a more sustainable form of gift tag, but your friends get to keep a special memory of the two of you, too!


Book Page Wrapping Paper


Home full of old books that have pages missing, are torn to shreds or are just generally worse for wear? Repurpose them into gift wrap decorations! Wrap your presents in brown craft paper and cut shapes out of the book pages – Christmas trees, stars, snowflakes, etc. – and paste them onto your gifts!


Reindeer Thumbprint Paper


The perfect craft to do with kids, this reindeer thumbprint paper really adds that personal touch to gifts. Grab some ink pads, a black pen and some red pom poms, and start adding multi-coloured thumbprints to your brown craft paper. Once they’ve dried, draw on some eyes and antlers, and stick on a red pompom for a nose!