Spring Craft Ideas

The first day of spring is soon approaching – March 20th to be exact. As we come away from the grey weather and dark nights, we can appreciate the beauty of fresh blossom and sunny evenings. Make the most of the beautiful colours that are appearing again with some fun crafts!

Spring Painting Tutorial

Painting is a wonderful way to capture the beauty you see. We’ve found this beautiful Spring Painting Tutorial that shows you how to paint a lovely spring scene. Get creative and put your own spin on it with different colours!

If the tutorial looks a bit daunting, we have a great selection of Paint by Numbers sets that are a great alternative! Simply follow the numbers on the sheet to create your own masterpiece.

Spring Cardigan & Sweater Pattern

If you have a new-born close to you, why not follow this knitting pattern and create an outfit just for them. Use pretty, light spring colours for a lovely spring ensemble.

Crafts for the kids

Spring is sprinkled with bank holidays and breaks from school. If you find yourself needing to entertain the young ones, try some fun spring crafts. There are a whole range of ideas, from colourful papercrafts to wreath making. Explore some new ideas with Messy Little Monster.


Baking Fun

What better way to embrace the season than with tea and cake in the garden. See in spring with some delicious and homemade baked goods. Whether you’re hosting a tea party or want to create your own afternoon tea, there are many simple recipes to help you on the way.