Clover U Cable Stitch Holders

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  • Holds your cable stitches in the u shaped area
  • For those times when you wished you had a third hand
  • Slips in easily – long side allows you to knit your stitches
  • Comes with three different sizes which accommodate most wool weights

When knitting a cable knit jumper, do you ever feel like you need a third hand? With the Clover U Cable Stitch Holders you’ll be able to knit your favourite cable knit patterns with ease. These lightweight plastic hooks hold your stitches out of the way for you as you knit around them. When you’re ready to knit your cable stiches, simply slide the hook over to the long smooth end and use it as a knitting needle. You’ll receive three different sizes of U cable stitch holders which will accommodate most weights of wool.

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