Fiction Book Collection 4 Pack

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Immerse Yourself in Another World

A set of 4 fiction books about love, friendship and family secrets. This collection will make an excellent present for a book loving friend or you can treat yourself to some relaxing time getting lost in another world.


Elemental – Amanda Curtin

A story of Meggie Tulloch who is nearing the end of her life, so decides to write the story of her life for her granddaughter Laura. The story takes place across 70 years and 2 continents.  Elemental is a novel about the life you make from the life you are given.


Catching a Falling Star – Ken McCoy

The story of a girl named Dove McKenna who lives with her parents and brothers in a travelling show wagon. They travel from town to town to perform for the locals. After her mother’s death Dove gets the chance to go to school, but encounters prejudice from pupils, teachers and parents.


The Daisy Club - Charlotte Bingham

Twistleton is a village untouched by time, taking its rhythms from the countryside around. Daisy, Jean, Freddie and their friends Aurelia and Laura are devoted to the place, so that when war breaks out in Twistleton becomes the embodiment of everything for which they are fighting.  A story of death, love and friendship.


Footsteps – Katharine McMahon

Helena Mayrick is invited to research a book on her grandfather, H. Donaldson, the celebrated Edwardian photographer. Soon she uncovers the secrets and tragedies of her family’s past. Helena finds that the past, like the present, was shaped by cruel dilemmas and the demands of love...

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