Fiction Book Collection PK4

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Ideal Gift for Bookworms

Treat yourself to some me time with a captivating book. This collection of 4 fiction books features family secrets, friendships, mystery and much more.


After the Eclipse – Fran Dorricott

Two Solar Eclipses, two missing girls. A little girl goes missing during the darkness of a solar eclipse, whilst her older sister Cassie was supposed to be watching her. Just before the next big eclipse another local girl goes missing, Cassie believes the two events are connected, but can she prove it?


Mollie on the Shore – Elizabeth Jeffrey

Mollie Barnes is sent to live with her aunt and uncle after the death of her mum. She is forced to endure her aunt’s simmering resentment, until one day tension explodes. This leads to a shocking revelation regarding Mollie’s parentage.


A Picnic in Eden – Sally Spencer

A tale of two young men who attend the funeral of their best friend. They look back to the time when all three of them first met in the playground years before. This was before they grew up and discovered that life was much more complicated than they’d ever imagined.


Henry’s Sisters – Cathy Lamb

A tale of the Bommarito sisters, ever since they were little girls their mother has written them letters on pink paper when she has something important to impart. This time the message is urgent, their mother requires open heart surgery. She want’s them to come back home to look after their brother, grandmother and the family bakery. But going home again has a way of forcing open the secrets and hurts that the Bommaritos would rather keep tightly closed.


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