FX Tools Heavy Duty Stapler with Staples

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  • Firmly fixes materials with one firm squeeze of the trigger
  • Great for upholstery craft projects
  • One handed squeeze trigger design for fast and sturdy action
  • Comes with clout nails, round staples and rectangular staples

For more heavy-duty arts and crafts, the FX Tools Heavy Duty Stapler with Staples will allow you to firmly attach materials together quickly and easily with one firm squeeze. This staple gun is perfect for projects which involve upholstery or other heavy materials which need to be held firmly in place while you work. Now you can reupholster chairs with your favourite heavy fabrics or create your own headboard for your bed with fabrics to match your décor. The one-handed squeeze trigger design allows you to hold your project in place as you perfectly place your staples. You'll receive a heavy-duty stapler with 250 10mm clout nails, 250 round staples and 500 rectangular staples so you can get started on your project right out of the box.

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