Handcrafted Cards, Bags, Boxes & Tags

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  • Nearly 40 wire craft projects to choose from
  • Techniques demonstrated add a unique dimensional touch
  • Easy to follow step-by-step instructions complete with photos
  • For Christmas, Valentine’s Day, weddings, births, anniversaries, and parties

Within the pages of Handcrafted Cards, Bags, Boxes and Tags you’ll learn how to create delicate and charming wire craft embellishments as well as handcrafted cards to make your loved ones smile, tags, gift boxes, gift bags and so much more. Featuring nearly 40 projects for Christmas, Valentine’s Day, weddings, births, anniversaries, and parties, the collection is packed with ideas to capture the imagination. With this inspiring 128 page book you’ll find many easy to follow projects to mark many special occasions from weddings to baby's arrival. Each project has step-by-step instructions, illustrative photographs and templates to help you get started on making your own decorations.

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