Pony Assorted Safety Stitch Markers

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  • Safety stitch markers in a variety of sizes and colours
  • Perfect for working in the round
  • Safety pin style no-snag design
  • Comes with 15 pieces in each pack

These Pony Assorted Safety Stitch Markers are great for helping you to keep track of changes in your knitting project. Whether you’re using stitch markers to mark a pattern repeat your you’re keeping track of your increases and decreases, these handy little safety stitch holders lock into place without the risk of them falling out and losing your place. The safety pin design of these stitch markers will prevent your markers from falling out as you move your fabric about while you’re working. The no snag design means the tapered stays locked away while you work and doesn’t damage your fabric. They’re perfect for working in the round or for when you simply need to keep track of your place in a row.

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