Wellys Yarn Ball Holder

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  • Keeps your yarn and thread not and tangle free
  • Spool rotates effortlessly for a smooth flow
  • Great for knitting, crochet, tapestry work and other crafts
  • Made from solid wood – stays in place on just about any surface
  • Height: 10cm (4 inches)

Attention fans of knitting, crocheting and tapestry – If you’re tired of your wool, yarn or thread getting tangled or knotted up then you’ll love our Wellys Yarn Ball Holder. This wooden spinning yarn and thread holder will keep the ball rolling as you work. No more knots! This clever wooden wool ball holder rotates on its base as you work which allows the yarn to unwind on its own. You can stay in the zone with no more interruptions to your flow. You’ll enjoy a more peaceful knitting or crochet session. Simply slide your yarn ball onto the holder and allow the smooth movement of the rotating pole effortlessly supply you with an uninterrupted supply of yarn. You’re free to knit or crochet away without the endless worry of annoying knots and tangles. The only thing you’ll have to worry about is coming to the end of the line!

Our super sturdy Yarn Ball Holder is made of solid wood and is robust enough to stay in place on just about any surface as you get on with your peaceful craft time. This ingenious device is also great for large spools of thread and floss.

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