1. Queen Elizabeth II Funeral

    Queen Elizabeth II Funeral

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  2. Summertime Fun

    Colour In This Activity Sheet!

    Looking for something fun to do this summer? Look out for our activity sheets!

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  3. Our Summer Top Picks

    Our Summer Top Picks

    Why not make the most of the wonderful summertime with a new hobby? When the sun is shining, have fun in the garden and create something new. With the school holidays coming up, we’ve put together some of our favourite items that we think you will love to have this summer.


    Watercolour Set PK36 (26650)

    If you’re looking for a way to relax in the sun, painting is a great activity to try your hand in. Whether you want to paint landscapes or portraits, watercolours are excellent for both beginners and experts. All you need is this Watercolour Set, a cup of water and a tissue for cleaning.


    Cross Stitch Hoop – Mickey Mouse

    Cross stitching is all the rage right now, and what better pattern to create than the iconic and lovable Mickey Mouse? Perfect for any Disney fan, this

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  4. Easy Jubilee Party Ideas!

    Easy Jubilee Party Ideas!

    It’s not long to go before the long-awaited Platinum Jubilee celebrations! Queen and country will be coming together to enjoy all the festivities, with many communities throughout the country putting on events for everyone to enjoy. It’s the perfect time to have a get together with all your friends and family. Here are 5 easy Jubilee party ideas to get the festivities started!

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  5. Our Top Picks of The Week!

    Our Top Picks of The Week!

    Did you know that crafting can reduce stress and improve your mood and self-esteem? It’s an excellent method of mindfulness, giving your brain something to focus on an distract from stress. Not only is it great for your mental health, it’s also an excellent way to engage with your creative side!

    We pick our products with crafters and creators in mind. We’ve put together a list of our top picks for the week which we hope will inspire you for your next craft!

    Don’t forget to take advantage of our free standard shipping!

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  6. Earth Day - 22nd April 2022

    Earth Day - 22nd April 2022

    Earth Day is a global event to demonstrate support for global protection. It started in 1970 and every year since then on 22nd April people take part in various events around the world to help to take care of our planet. For more information on Earth Day visit

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  7. The Top Easter Crafts to Try This Bank Holiday Weekend!

    The Top Easter Crafts to Try This Bank Holiday Weekend!

    The spring bank holiday is finally here! With this break from work, it’s the perfect time to have fun and get creative. For easy crafts to do this weekend, keep reading. We’ve put together a few of our favourites!

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  8. Hobbies for Going Into Spring

    Hobbies for Going Into Spring

    After a long winter, we’re so happy to see spring coming back around. We can look forward to lighter days, warmer weather and nature coming back into full bloom. Now is the perfect time to develop a new hobby and start crafting! We’ve put together this list of new hobbies you can try as we go into spring!

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  9. 5 Alternative Pancake Recipes To Try

    5 Alternative Pancake Recipes To Try

    Pancake Day is fast approaching so it’s time to get out your frying pan! Shrove Tuesday falls on 1st March this year, and it’s one of the tastiest holidays of the year. Whether your topping of choice is sweet, fruity, or savoury, there are so many different delicious flavours to enjoy. For something alternative to your standard pancakes, here are 5 different pancake recipes to try!

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  10. Flower Arranging Top Tips

    Flower Arranging Top Tips

    Flowers are one of the best additions to any room in your home. If you want to add a pop of colour to your kitchen or add to an accent colour to your living room, a beautiful bouquet it just the ticket. Whether you’ve bought them as a treat for yourself or a special someone has given you flowers as a gift, make sure they stay looking their best with these flower arranging top tips!

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