Make your own springtime wreath!

Make your own springtime wreath!


Now that spring is here, why not get the family together to create a beautiful floral wreath for the front door?


Step 1:

Gather materials.

You will need:

-              A wire coat hanger

-              Some twine (SKU: 26683)

-              Some sticks from your travels

-              Some flowers (preferably false ones so they last longer( (SKU: 23328)

-              Glue gun (SKU: 52836) with glue (SKU: 52837) (optional) 


Step 2:


Shape your coat hanger into a ring shape making sure to keep the hook intact.


Step 3:


Wrap the whole wire with twine, again leaving the hook secure by either tying it off tightly or using some hot glue at regular intervals.



Step 4:


Gather your sticks and flowers and tie them around the twine-wrapped-wire until you have a well-filled-out wreath!