Christmas Crafts from Christmas Scraps

Ever get to the Christmas period and realise you only have scraps of wrapping paper and some old torn gift bags? Well, don’t throw them away!

Craft them into some Christmassy ornaments and decorations.


Wrapping Paper-chains

When you go rummaging through your storage boxes of wrapping materials, you’ll likely find you don’t have enough to wrap what you have or just the inner paper roll.

Why not turn those off-cuts into paper chains?

Step 1:

Cut the paper into strips of 6 x 20cm

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(You can make these bigger or smaller if you like, just be sure that you cut the short side twice the size you want them to be at the end)

Step 2:

Fold and glue the strips short-ways so they’re now 3 x 20cm.

(This is so that the flimsy paper has more strength!)

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Step 3:

Bend one strip into a circle and stick it together, creating your 1st link!

Repeat this step ensuring you pass the strips through the previous ring to make a fabulous festive chain!

Use this chain to decorate doorways, up the bannister or even on your tree!


Turn unusable bags into envelopes!

You can take those old gift bags that lost their strings or have been torn out at the bottom and turn them into festive envelopes!

Step 1:

Unfold your bag so that it’s as flat as possible.

Step 2:

Using this template...


Cut out the shape on the black line and fold on the red.

(Hint: place the fold line where the bag already has one to save you a job.)

Step 3:

Glue the sides and the bottom together leaving the top flap open, creating a pocket.

(You can either have the bag’s pattern on the outside or the inside for a festive surprise!)

You can resize and adjust the template to fit whatever card you have, just make sure the center is a little bigger than your card of choice.