Essential Sewing Supplies for Beginners

Starting a new hobby can be very intimidating when you’re not sure where to start. Here at Craft & Hobby, we like to make sure you’re prepared and know what you need to get off on the right foot. This list has all the things you need to get your sewing kit started, so that any project you take on will be a piece of cake!

Tape Measure

Tape measures are one of the cheaper items in your kit, so it might be worth buying yourself a few in case they wander off! Make sure that the ones you buy are soft, rather than the metal ones you find in tool kits. They need to be able to wrap to forms and be read easily – there is nothing worse than having the wrong measurements for a project!


Seam ripper, seam gauge, and small scissors

These three things are all essentials for your kit, and what better way to make sure you have them than to buy them altogether? Seam rippers are handy for when you make a mistake – maybe you don’t like the sleeves on that top anymore, and you want to take them off! Seam gauges are used to measure seams easily and properly – no more wobbly sewing! These small scissors are perfect for cutting the last bit of thread or any loose bits from your creations. Just make sure you keep them handy!



Arguably, this is one of the biggest essentials in your kit. If you’re planning on buying a sewing machine, make sure you have the correct type of needles for that handy. If you haven’t decided to take the plunge as yet, these self-threading needles are perfect for any other projects you’re taking on!




A good pair of dressmaking scissors will go a long way in your sewing kit. Whether you need to cut fabric or thread, they’re an essential any amateur sewer can’t live without!


Thimble and Needle Threaders

Handling needles can be fiddly, and painful, work. This kit will make sure you never prick your fingers, and you never spend too long trying to find the eye of the needle!



You can’t do any sewing without thread! As you grow your kit, you can start to invest in threads that cover every colour you will ever need. However, when just starting out, its wise to invest in a black and white thread that can cover most bases. This Transparent Sewing Thread comes in a light and dark colour, so no matter the colour of your project, you can get sewing!