A selection of crafting tools and accessories.

Keeping your brain healthy and working well is something that everyone should prioritise. Crafting has been proven to be a fool proof way of maintaining your brain’s health, as well as increasing and improving brain power and function! To help you keep your brain in tip-top condition, we have researched all the best crafts to keep you, and your mind, occupied.

  1. Knitting

A knitted cardigan and hat.

Knitting is a great way to stay busy and has been proven to reduce depression! Next time you’re thinking of knitting a new cardigan for your grandchild or a jumper for a someone’s birthday, pick up one of our brilliant knitting patterns. That way, you can make sure your brain stays as young as you feel!


  1. Sewing

A cross-stitched cushion with two bunnies on it.

Sometimes, crafting can help us to forget the world around us. This is what sewing can help us do – this hobby has been likened to meditation and helps you to practice mindfulness! It can distract you from any negative thoughts or feelings and give you a huge sense of accomplishment when you finish your craft. Our large range of cross stitch patterns and sewing accessories will help you take your first stitch towards calm.


  1. Crosswords

A crossword puzzle book.

Crosswords can be a great way to pass the time, and luckily, science has proved that it benefits your brain, too! Many studies have been done into the mental benefits of crossword puzzles, and many state that doing them regularly can improve memory and brain function. They are also credited by the Alzheimer’s Association with maintaining brain sharpness and activity, especially as you grow older.


  1. Paint by Numbers

A Paint by Numbers kit with 3 pictures of cats.

Art is a brilliant stress reliever, but for those who can’t paint, Paint by Numbers kits are just as beneficial. These kits are proven to relieve stress and anxiety in adults, as well as improve your memory and patience! Why not grab a pack of our Paint by Numbers and spend time doing something creative that is also good for your brain?


  1. Colouring

A selection of colouring books.

Our last, and possibly easiest, craft is colouring. Colouring is a sure fire way to relax and unwind when you need it most. It is seen as a form of art therapy, and it has the same effect on the brain as meditation. When you need to de-stress, or if you want a calming activity to pass the time, colouring is the way to go.